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June 2015

This is a post about me *whispers in ear* “I’m pretty awesome so listen up”

ok since I am getting a fair amount of followers on this blog I feel it is time I let you all know a little bit about myself 🙂 if that’s ok with you all. If you don’t wanna know me then uh…don’t read this post XD

ok physical description firsties I guess:

I’m goldenish blonde,blue eyes, 5 foot 6ish

woo!!! um…I come from a family of 8 brothers and 2 sisters all my brothers are older than me and I’m the second to youngest I have one older sister and one younger sister.

I would like to think I’m pretty creative..I draw,sing, and write. I’ve been in choir since 4th grade but sang before that too and I am going to go into 10th grade all girls choir and I’m so excited because singing is so so important to me 🙂

Anyways, another thing that’s pretty significant is that I am weird like I’m random as heck so you might as well just sit back and get used to it 😉 also if there is anything else you want to know about me then ask away 🙂 with that I am ending this post aha.



friend, true friend

will you be there for me

will you stick with me till the end

friend, true friend

smiles,laughs,and hugs

we’ve been through so much together

when you find out about my other side

will you help me or will you run away

please don’t leave me friend

you see you’re all that I have

to everyone else I am invisible

friend don’t leave me

“Don’t worry, you’re just going through a rough patch there are always bad things that happen before anything good can happen a rainbow can’t come without rain, right?”

friend, you always know just the right thing to say

friend, you help to ease the pain

true friend, a true friend till the end


I used to have passions

I used to have dreams

I used to have plans

I used to have hope

I used to but now I don’t

maybe you don’t care, no you probably most likely don’t care

maybe you’re too busy drowning in your own sorrows without letting anyone else know

maybe you’re too busy acting like nothing bothers you or rather maybe you’re too busy trying to blend in

maybe you just forgot about me or that I even exist I wouldn’t blame you


drowning, and I can’t breathe but everyone around me can

I am dying but you won’t help me

I am dying and you were the final push my dear

thoughts (poem)

crazy thoughts mad delusional crazy thoughts

insane thoughts psychopathic insane thoughts

these are what fill my little head

these are what hold my heads attention

These thoughts are spiralling inside of my head

it’s like a whirlpool inside of my head

just a tornado of thoughts inside of my head

sometimes it all moves too fast and it’s hard to comprehend whats happening inside of my head

sometimes all these thoughts are too much

sometimes the black hole inside of my head sucks all those happy thoughts I had away

sometimes I wonder if there were even happy thoughts to begin with

sometimes I think all these thoughts but the words just don’t come out correctly

Flowers and People.

We cut flowers because we think they are beautiful

We cut flowers because we think they will brighten someones day

We cut ourselves because we think we are ugly

We cut ourselves because we think we will ruin someones day

It is like being trapped inside a cage

rightfully so because we are treated like animals

It is like being hunted down and trapped inside a cage

people tell us to be ourselves then they criticize us and tell us we’re messed up

We smile but inside we are slowly dying

We smile but we are the most hurt

We smile but the people with the biggest smiles are often faking it

We smile but we wish we didn’t have to

seems like just yesterday

seems like just yesterday

maybe even a few hours ago

maybe even a few minutes ago

maybe even a few seconds ago

time is warped I’ve lost track of the days

days just fade by one by one

these days float by like a boat on the water

I don’t know if that boat will stay afloat very long though

The days disappear

but that’s not it

it’s more the fear

I’m scared of being alone with my own thoughts

Seems like just yesterday

we were in “love”

seems like just yesterday I could do anything

and now I can’t do a single thing correctly

I am a ship going place to place

and you, you are like an anchor

you don’t move

you’re stuck in the past

this ship has sailed

the anchor is stuck

it keeps the ship in place

maybe the ship doesn’t like being stuck

at this rate this ship could sink

there’s so much to say

but of course words don’t come to me

I stumble over my own words

that’s just how it is

seems like just yesterday

we were laughing and smiling

seems like just yesterday

you were mine and I was yours

you’re not the only one at fault

it was my fault really

why did I ever doubt you

when it was my fault

I am broken like a ship after it’s hit

I am broken like a glass window

I am broken like the girl in the mirror

I am broken deep inside

I wish I could cry

All my tears are used up though

I wish I could scream

My voice is gone

You bring yourself down like an anchor

you will pull yourself back up

I can feel it I know you will

so dry your tears from your eyes

seems like just yesterday

I was ok

seems like just yesterday

you were ok

but it’s not yesterday it is today

This is a poem that I wrote it is also on my wattpad anyways hopefully someone likes it???

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