“Do you know how hard I’ve tried to become what you want me to be?”

these lyrics really speak to me because it feels like I’m trying so hard to be what people want me to be…but no matter how hard I try I can’t and its dumb because there will never be another me and there will never be another you so why do we try to be someone that others want us to be?

  • we are afraid of peoples harsh judgement
  • we do not want to disappoint people
  • we have someone who wants us to be a certain way (ex:parents wanting you to do a certain job” )
  • maybe we feel social pressure to act a certain way

all of these are pretty decent reasons to act like someone we are not but that makes life so stressful and hard and eventually maybe not today maybe not tomorrow you will realize that you are unique and there’s got to be a reason you are the way you are (I do not mean like god made you a certain way as I am an atheist XD)

we should really just be ourselves because there will only ever be one you…maybe you are going through a hard time or are depressed and that is ok you will pull yourself up once again 🙂

I love you all so…stay you

buh bye