ok, so today I got an email from the school saying I had a summer reading assignment for honours communications. I have to read this book it is called “A long way gone memoirs of a boy soldier” by Ishmael Beah and I have to make 2-3 annotations per page which in total would come to about 600 annotations by the end of the book (its a 200ish page book so 3 annotations multiplied by the number of pages) anyways it is quite a lot of work and its summer and I was kinda whining about it a little bit but then I realized…WHINING DOES NOTHING I JUST HAVE TO DO THE WORK IF I WANT TO DO WELL IN THIS CLASS WHICH I REALLY DO BECAUSE I WANT A CHALLENGE BECAUSE REGULAR COMMUNICATIONS WAS WAY WAY WAY TOO EASY 

anyways yeah XD it’s not like sitting around whining will do anything and it’s not like not working hard will get you anywhere you don’t just get what you want!!!! (unless you’re a millionaire then yeah but that is highly unlikely and even then those people worked hard to get where they are today)

you cannot just sit around on your lazy ass and be a bum

get to where you want to be people GET TO WHERE YOU WANT TO BE

I am sorry for um…yelling at you but yeah

*hugs* wuv you and do the best that you can do

*whispers in ear* I love you…

sorry that was probably creepy…hope this motivates you somewhat to keep doing your best and or start doing the best you can do 😉