most teenagers are supposedly supposed to procrastinate right? maybe?

well anyways, I don’t know why but…I CAN’T STAND TO PROCRASTINATE I HAVE TO GET EVERYTHING DONE RIGHT AWAY ok..but um…well yeah *blushes* I’m kinda weird

is anybody else like this? just me..oh ok… :’)

Idk what it is…but I just get home do all the homework then chill…it’s like I can’t stand holding things off and saying I will get them done later :’)

I just get things done right away and then nobody else is done and I’m just sitting there like “oh.”

sorry guys I’m a weird potatooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

whats taters precious whats taters aye? < most of you probably won’t know where this is from… 😀

wuv you all you widdle munchkins k? k.

buh bye 😀


fellow potatoes we should make a clan and dominate the world ok? ok.