The average person apparently passes by 10 psychopaths a day that’s kinda scary to think about :/ like say you’re at a mall at malls there are many more people so would that increase it to about 15 or 20?

sorry, kinda a weird opener but yeah….do you ever just randomly have weird questions pop into your head?

like for example:

what if animals shaved? like humans do like just their armpits,private area,and legs…

what if the world was in black and white like old timey movies?

what if you could get burned from the moon like you can from the sun but like cause it’s the moon it’s the opposite like instead of making you get red you get like blue or something?

what if every time someone got happy they just burst out into song but like bad singers would burst into song too so it would be so terrible!!!!!!!!!!!! augh

those are just a few that just popped into my head at this given moment so like yeah…