um ok…another award alright 🙂 nominated by My Life and a Journal

who is your best blogging friend?

Am i supposed to have one? I don’t :’)

Best book cover I’ve seen?

6710476this one I guess…but that’s just cause I like blue or green hair and the book was amazing also did you know there’s a place where they cover the book cover so you can’t judge the book by the cover! I think it’s so cool

What is your favourite slang word?

um…I don’t really use all too much slang but I do say “welp” a lot like for example:

person A: I just failed my test

me: welp sucks to suck

jk jk I would never be that mean XD

If you could have any animal as a pet, what would it be?

Panda Bear omg omg omg omg Panda bear all the wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

Favorite flower?

well I would have to say…Orchid’s

Scariest roller coaster/ride you’ve been on?

It’s called the power tower and it’s this ride that slowly makes you go up then sends you plummeting to your death jk jk I’m still alive

Favorite disney movie?

lion king.

Book you want made into a movie?

The Emerald Atlas but you’ve probably all never heard of it 🙂

Fav piece of jewelry?

my locket that my older brother gave me

Savory or sweet snacks? Which ones?

sweet…I like sweet things too much I got a really bad cavity from too many sweets lol but the good part is I can keep eating sweets and never gain a pound cause metabolism is an amazing thing

All time favorite movie?

21 jumpstreet 😀

also comment if you actually read this I wanna see how many people do read it 🙂