I think this is a pretty common topic as many of us have annoying little sisters or brothers

anyways, I have one little sister I’ll change her name to um….Sklyer cause that’s a cute name anyways she is at that annoying stage where she is tryin to be super cool ( she’s going into 6th grade) and it’s just so bothersome.

Why do sixlets (that’s what we call 6th graders here) try to be so cool like they’re at the bottom of le food chain like dude seriously lol

also little siblings always always tell on you like augh I trusted you!!!! Thou hast betrayed the sacred act of trust I may have to go super saiyan on you ^~^

siblings are just hell in general not just little ones older ones like to embarrass you to death like not every boy you invite over is your crush jeez!!!!!!!!!!!!!

augh help me save me from the torture that is siblings

luv you all

buh bye 🙂