ITS COLD OUTSIDE JUST LIKE MY HEART jk jk ^~^ um anyways so I guess I wanted to write a post for you guys about relationship stuff I mean if you’re willing to listen to a 15 year old about this topic lol XD

Anyways, despite my age I had a 10 month relationship like before I found out the guy cheated on me and turned out to be a jerk XD

For the first month we broke up I was really depressed after relying on someone else for such a long time it’s kinda like you lose your own strength or maybe that’s just me I dunno >.< I kept blaming myself but then I realized what’s the point? Blaming myself because someone else messed up won’t do any good. He is the one who messed things up I didn’t do anything wrong it’s not my fault he decided to cheat on me. 

The point is…things aren’t always your fault. 

Maybe it feels like it or maybe you’re like me and you blame everything on yourself. 

You’re amazing though you see you don’t need someone else to be happy! You don’t need to be like my friend Peach and desperately seek a relationship. You’ll come off as a relationship whore :’) 

Um getting off topic. The thing is that maybe rn you feel alone and like you need someone and need to have a relationship. You don’t though you have all your friends 🙂 you have me to talk to if you need it.

You’re a strong individual. You can make it through this and I’m here to help you. I love you all very much and I don’t want you to be hung up about relationships or rejection! 

Stay strong *hugs* 

Love you 🙂