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September 2015

oh, strawberry :) 

Ok so strawberry went to take a relationship test but he says he answered all the questions while thinking about me and about me Augh >.< *gos into firetruck mode aka uber embarassment* 

It makes me so happy that he did this but at the same time I’m embarrassed >.< 

He’s such a sweetheart ❤ and like butterflies and stuff omg >.< 

He has to do oral questions, online, and written ones about his relationship and although we are not technically in one because of long distance he answered them about me. 

They were questions like “where do you see yourself in the future?” “What attracts you to your partner?”  “Why would you like to grow old with them?” 

Stuff like that! We like to call our relationship to one another friends with emotional benefits it’s like an open relationship thing but idk he’s gonna move to where I live in the future 🙂 we’ve know eachother for a year and a few months now which is really cool 

Sorry for this rant it just kinda made me overjoyed and I feel like really super ultra loved 🙂 

Welp bye 


some guys 

Have you ever wanted to rip someone’s eyes out and stomp on them several times!? Those are the feels rn 

So…some friends went to the homecoming football game I was gonna go but then like I got lazy I guess XD 

Anyways, these 2 guys were messaging me and they’re friends so I made a group chat and I said fuck you! And then “sure what time?” Happened and I was like ugh.  Then “go fuck yourself” and this guys like “naw I need your help”

Augh guys are dumb sometimes their dirty jokes become too much to handle and just bluh >.< 

Dudes :p 

Do you guys have this problem with like guy friends and stuff? XD 

Welp such is this here life of mine. 

Guys can be like big bears for cuddling or they can be the meanest things ever I swear 

The amount of teasing that happens *rolls eyes* 

Also when did I give this dude permission to steal away kit Kat (my fwiend) how could heeeeeeeeeeee aughhhhhhhhhh 

They’re so cute though so like it’s ok!!!! On another note today my friend raspberry (I change all names to fruit and stuff) was very excited because she will get to see her dude at the dance and they’re going to dance together ultra cute! ^~^ 

Welp bye 

One lovely blog award

hello blogging people I guess I have to write something XD I have been nominated for “one lovely blog award” by unfashionable cupcake 

Um…so the steps are thank the person so thanks! 

Nominate 15 people

Um list 7 facts about yourself 

Fact #1: 

I have been singing in choir since kindergarten. It’s always been a passion haha ^~^ I just love singing and the section I sing in is suprano for any choir kids out there who know what I’m talking about? 

Fact #2: 

I am extremely antisocial. I have my group of friends that I stick with and surround myself with really good people because I don’t want any half ass friends. I do make new friends but it just takes me longer to make friends I guess…if that makes sense? 

Fact #3: 

I am obsessed with a band called falling in reverse. Most people don’t know it. It’s a rock band with some screamo some rapping little bit of everything it’s spontaneous and the lyrics are either dirty, meaningful, or relatable. If you should so choose to look them up I reccomend you listen to “fashionably late” or “just keep holding on” I love all those songs but those 2 are very amazing. 

Fact # 4: 

I love anime. Yup I’ve said it. I love anime mostly fairy tail and also black butler I just love anime so much like in the summer that’s my life. Kinda lame but yup. 

Fact #5: 

I am creative in many ways. Singing, drawing, writing, fashion….I just love all of them so much and enjoy myself when I’m doing them 🙂 

Fact #6: today strawberry asked me my ring size…for future reference he says >.< 

Fact #7: I ran out of facts…that’s a fact. 

(Pssst I never nominate anyone for these so yeah) 

My teacher is a rat

well let me explain…

My choir teacher this year is a dude and he is a rat. 

He talks in a low eery voice that sends shivers down your spine and not in a good way fellow blogging people. Not in a good way at all.

He has the two front teeth and just the way his face is resembles a rat. Idk it’s just something people notice literally my friend peach (name change) said “I saw the rat biking today” 

Also he’s creepy. The first days of school everyday he singled me out and was like “hi, how’s your day?” This would be normal if he was trying to get a quiet kid to socialize but to be fair I’m pretty loud in that class because le friends are in it. So he just singled me out for no reason like there are quieter kidsssss I dunno why he would do this! That rat XD my friends joked that he is a pedophile and I don’t know not really something I like to joke about so…yup. 

Yup. Ok that’s a story. I’m awkward. 

I hate Valentine’s Day 

yup I’ve said it I hate Valentine’s Day. It’s so cheesy all the chocolates and hearts and shit ick. 

Also couples seem to make it a point to rub it in single people’s faces like gosh leave us alone 

It is like people who are single are singled out because it’s not like elementary school anymore not everyone is forced to give everyone candy. (Happy days) 

I loved it when I got like a shoebox full of candy those were the days. I feel old XD but I’m only in 10th grade sooooooo yeah I dunno. 

I also hate Valentine’s Day because it’s way overdone and omg that stupid Sadie Hawkins dance curse it. (A dance where the girl must ask the guy) 

It’s like fall lol and I’m talking about Valentine’s Day. I’m sorry you guys have to witness this XD 

Am I just weird or do other people hate Valentine’s Day too? 


Bye XD 

I am a stalker fear me 

I feel like an evil stalker. 

Let me explain…

Ok so Friday I went to the football game with some friends and one of my friends kit Kat kinda has a dude anyways me and my other friend took pics of them secretly and they’re so cute. Like OMG I ship them so hard. Also her dude is really friendly and easy to get along with which is very good. They’re the cutest thing omg. 

Ok so like kit Kat tried to stand in between me and my other friend then I shoved her into her dude and like omg kawaii ^~^ 

This is just like the source of my entertainment nowadays ^~^ 

She’s so fun to cheer on and tease also her dude asked her to homecoming 😉 woot woot they’re too adorable like cuteness overload omg 

But I feel like a stalker. 

But I don’t at the same time it’s normal for friends to tease eachother and be weird XD 

Love you all 

Buh bye 

chill pills need to be a thing 


I mean hi…it’s been awhile :p 

Anyways…so my friend is mad at me cause I don’t wanna go to homecoming with him and also cause I like strawberry and not him it is not like I can change my emotions…

I can’t help it I love strawberry. Strawberry makes me so happy when I feel sad he makes me laugh when I don’t want to 🙂 

Why do people get mad because you like someone else and not them? 

I guess I can relate though…I was really sad when strawberry had a gf but he doesn’t now that’s over, but like I didn’t get mad at him for it that would be totally irrational. I just don’t understand why this kid is mad…like he needs a reality check and needs to grow up *sigh*

Have you guys ever had someone get mad over like nothing? 

People need to take chill pills like this is gonna be a thing I’ll help fund it XD so that people can have chill pills XD I mean it’s not an actual thing but one of these days just wait lol 
Love you all 

Buh bye *hugs* 

Q&A nomination thing 

Ok I was nominated for this thing :p 

1) what is your current fashion obsession? I am currently obsessed with (keep in mind I’m sorta a fashionista) beanies because like…they’re adorable ok! Ok. 

2) what is your current makeup obsession? 

Well ok so here’s the thing I don’t have anything against people who wear makeup but usually I tend to wear none like mascara once in awhile but usually nothin! 

3) what are you wearing today? 

Today I wore a long sleeved shirt sweater crop top and skinny jeans :p the shirt had the definition of hella on it XD 

4) hair? 

As in today or in general? Lol um well I have blonde hair it has natural wave to it and like apparently it’s cute XD 

5) favorite place in the world?

Welllllll um…….my cabin :)))) because we go canoeing and stuff and it’s fun XD like ok one time we canoed to the middle of the lake to swim and we were ready to go back but we couldn’t figure out why we weren’t moving…it was cause I left the anchor in XD 

6) why is today special? 

Strawberry broke up with his gf 😏

7) what is something you wanna learn? 

I wanna better improve my drawing skills which I am going to do I’m taking more drawing classes this year 🙂 

8) what’s for dinner tonight? 

Spaghetti, cause yeah. 

9) favorite color? 

MINT BLUE (my room is even painted this color) 

10) what did you want to be when you were a kid? 

I wanted to be a nurse to help people :p 

11) most challenging goal rn? 

Hmm…to make it through AP euro (I am taking a college class in 10th grade) 

12) what can you not live without? 

My wonderful friends( pretty self explanatory) 

13) how was your childhood? 

Not so great…I was hit and stuff and bullied too :/ 

14) what would you like to get rid of? 

*smiles evilly* MANKIND. 

15) what are you most excited for? 

Homecoming like all other typical white girls XD 

16) what’s your favorite kind of music? 

Screamo and punk rock 

17) what countries have you been to? 

I’ve never ever been outta America XD 

18) what’s the last movie you watched? 

Monsters university (several times) 

19) what’s your favorite song? 

The last song ever by secondhand serenade 

20) what are you listening to? 

I’m gonna be by the proclaimers XD 

Tell me if you actually read this, k? 
Love you all Buh bye 

How I met strawberry :) 

I’m gonna tell you guys a story if you care to read it I realized people have either disappeared or just don’t care to read what I have to say anymore XD 

Ok so it’s about strawberry (you’re probably thinking oh god anything but that not another rant about that nooooooooo) anyways I want to tell you guys this cause if I get completely utterly crushed and things don’t work out you’ll understand why it not working out is like a huge deal. 

One day I downloaded this app called “dare” it had a pretty basic concept people ask you questions or dare you things and you make a video answer. 

Anyways, I soon made a few friends on it 🙂 and one of my friends Amanda introduced me to strawberry she said he was an otaku like her and I were. 

I opened a chat with him I don’t remember the specifics of our first conversation but I said “AYE SIR” and then he got very excited “is that a fairy tail reference!?” I said “yes!” (I love the anime fairy tail) it turns out he liked the anime fairy tail quite a lot 🙂 soon we began chatting a lot it got to the point where we talked everyday 🙂 then one night Amanda made a group Skype call with strawberry and my other friends 🙂 

After that Skype call strawberry and I started talking much more and before I knew it he knew I liked him. Well he manipulated me into telling him I did like him! XD then he asked me out I said yes 🙂 

We got so close. He’s the person I’m closest to out of anyone. He knows my dark past and I know his. We have both had pretty bad lives.

I got really depressed because of the stress my mom was putting on me and I overdosed. Strawberry didn’t judge me or treat me like a freak. He loved me for who I was despite all my faults and I loved him despite his faults. 

So much has happened and I could tell you all much more but I’ll stop here. 

By the way the dare app was deleted so don’t even try to look for it. To this day I’m still in contact with all my dare family! 🙂 

Love you all 

Buh bye 

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