You know that post I made about meeting my very best friend…I love him. Strawberry has known me for 1 year and 2 months…and I have known him just as long. 

I have been shutting my feelings inside of me so that I didn’t have to feel anything. Want to know why?…well I’m gonna tell you anyways. So in June strawberry met a girl near where he lives (we were long distance) he thought he was in love and at the time I was a petty brat who took things out on him… So naturally he went with the girl. I wasn’t mad just sad…but if it meant his happiness I didn’t care. I wasn’t mad at him for going with her and being in a relationship that made him happy. His happiness was all I wanted. 

I kept things inside and eventually got so good at forgetting the emotions I forgot I was in love with him. I got “crushes” on a few people including watermelon as you’ve all read in the recent posts which I’ve deleted cause they were all lies I was telling myself. 

Anyways…I met strawberry on Sunday for the first time…I felt huge sparks and he was so clingy and hugged me a lot but I didn’t mind whatsoever. He even squished my cheeks. He kissed me on the forehead. I found myself unable to turn down these gestures. I found myself overheating…I accepted everything…and Monday he went home…he was texting me..he said he felt sparks too. He said he wished he had kissed me on the lips. 

Today we talked and well…his gf doesn’t have the level of understanding he has with me. I know about his dark past…and he knows mine. We are always there for eachother. 

I don’t know what the future holds for us…but I hope it is pleasant. 

Bye bye thanks for reading love you all 🙂