Ok so I am just naturally skinny and I eat a lot…like I can eat a family size whatever and not gain a pound it’s just how my body is. 

All my friends tease me and call me stick XD it doesn’t bug me cause I know they’re kidding and they do in fact care about me. 

However a few days ago…on Facebook messenger my brother messaged me…He wrote out a huge paragraph about how there better ways of losing weight then being anorexic and idk where all this came from because I eat like so much…it just kinda upset me 

Why do people always make fun of someone for being skinny or make assumptions? It’s just rude! 

I hope none of you guys get made fun of for stupid stuff like this cause it doesn’t feel very good.

I just want you guys to know you’re beautiful the way you are so don’t try to change yourselves or anything like that 🙂 

Love you all 

Buh bye