I’m gonna tell you guys a story if you care to read it I realized people have either disappeared or just don’t care to read what I have to say anymore XD 

Ok so it’s about strawberry (you’re probably thinking oh god anything but that not another rant about that nooooooooo) anyways I want to tell you guys this cause if I get completely utterly crushed and things don’t work out you’ll understand why it not working out is like a huge deal. 

One day I downloaded this app called “dare” it had a pretty basic concept people ask you questions or dare you things and you make a video answer. 

Anyways, I soon made a few friends on it 🙂 and one of my friends Amanda introduced me to strawberry she said he was an otaku like her and I were. 

I opened a chat with him I don’t remember the specifics of our first conversation but I said “AYE SIR” and then he got very excited “is that a fairy tail reference!?” I said “yes!” (I love the anime fairy tail) it turns out he liked the anime fairy tail quite a lot 🙂 soon we began chatting a lot it got to the point where we talked everyday 🙂 then one night Amanda made a group Skype call with strawberry and my other friends 🙂 

After that Skype call strawberry and I started talking much more and before I knew it he knew I liked him. Well he manipulated me into telling him I did like him! XD then he asked me out I said yes 🙂 

We got so close. He’s the person I’m closest to out of anyone. He knows my dark past and I know his. We have both had pretty bad lives.

I got really depressed because of the stress my mom was putting on me and I overdosed. Strawberry didn’t judge me or treat me like a freak. He loved me for who I was despite all my faults and I loved him despite his faults. 

So much has happened and I could tell you all much more but I’ll stop here. 

By the way the dare app was deleted so don’t even try to look for it. To this day I’m still in contact with all my dare family! 🙂 

Love you all 

Buh bye