Ok I was nominated for this thing :p 

1) what is your current fashion obsession? I am currently obsessed with (keep in mind I’m sorta a fashionista) beanies because like…they’re adorable ok! Ok. 

2) what is your current makeup obsession? 

Well ok so here’s the thing I don’t have anything against people who wear makeup but usually I tend to wear none like mascara once in awhile but usually nothin! 

3) what are you wearing today? 

Today I wore a long sleeved shirt sweater crop top and skinny jeans :p the shirt had the definition of hella on it XD 

4) hair? 

As in today or in general? Lol um well I have blonde hair it has natural wave to it and like apparently it’s cute XD 

5) favorite place in the world?

Welllllll um…….my cabin :)))) because we go canoeing and stuff and it’s fun XD like ok one time we canoed to the middle of the lake to swim and we were ready to go back but we couldn’t figure out why we weren’t moving…it was cause I left the anchor in XD 

6) why is today special? 

Strawberry broke up with his gf 😏

7) what is something you wanna learn? 

I wanna better improve my drawing skills which I am going to do I’m taking more drawing classes this year 🙂 

8) what’s for dinner tonight? 

Spaghetti, cause yeah. 

9) favorite color? 

MINT BLUE (my room is even painted this color) 

10) what did you want to be when you were a kid? 

I wanted to be a nurse to help people :p 

11) most challenging goal rn? 

Hmm…to make it through AP euro (I am taking a college class in 10th grade) 

12) what can you not live without? 

My wonderful friends( pretty self explanatory) 

13) how was your childhood? 

Not so great…I was hit and stuff and bullied too :/ 

14) what would you like to get rid of? 

*smiles evilly* MANKIND. 

15) what are you most excited for? 

Homecoming like all other typical white girls XD 

16) what’s your favorite kind of music? 

Screamo and punk rock 

17) what countries have you been to? 

I’ve never ever been outta America XD 

18) what’s the last movie you watched? 

Monsters university (several times) 

19) what’s your favorite song? 

The last song ever by secondhand serenade 

20) what are you listening to? 

I’m gonna be by the proclaimers XD 

Tell me if you actually read this, k? 
Love you all Buh bye