I mean hi…it’s been awhile :p 

Anyways…so my friend is mad at me cause I don’t wanna go to homecoming with him and also cause I like strawberry and not him it is not like I can change my emotions…

I can’t help it I love strawberry. Strawberry makes me so happy when I feel sad he makes me laugh when I don’t want to 🙂 

Why do people get mad because you like someone else and not them? 

I guess I can relate though…I was really sad when strawberry had a gf but he doesn’t now that’s over, but like I didn’t get mad at him for it that would be totally irrational. I just don’t understand why this kid is mad…like he needs a reality check and needs to grow up *sigh*

Have you guys ever had someone get mad over like nothing? 

People need to take chill pills like this is gonna be a thing I’ll help fund it XD so that people can have chill pills XD I mean it’s not an actual thing but one of these days just wait lol 
Love you all 

Buh bye *hugs*