I feel like an evil stalker. 

Let me explain…

Ok so Friday I went to the football game with some friends and one of my friends kit Kat kinda has a dude anyways me and my other friend took pics of them secretly and they’re so cute. Like OMG I ship them so hard. Also her dude is really friendly and easy to get along with which is very good. They’re the cutest thing omg. 

Ok so like kit Kat tried to stand in between me and my other friend then I shoved her into her dude and like omg kawaii ^~^ 

This is just like the source of my entertainment nowadays ^~^ 

She’s so fun to cheer on and tease also her dude asked her to homecoming 😉 woot woot they’re too adorable like cuteness overload omg 

But I feel like a stalker. 

But I don’t at the same time it’s normal for friends to tease eachother and be weird XD 

Love you all 

Buh bye