yup I’ve said it I hate Valentine’s Day. It’s so cheesy all the chocolates and hearts and shit ick. 

Also couples seem to make it a point to rub it in single people’s faces like gosh leave us alone 

It is like people who are single are singled out because it’s not like elementary school anymore not everyone is forced to give everyone candy. (Happy days) 

I loved it when I got like a shoebox full of candy those were the days. I feel old XD but I’m only in 10th grade sooooooo yeah I dunno. 

I also hate Valentine’s Day because it’s way overdone and omg that stupid Sadie Hawkins dance curse it. (A dance where the girl must ask the guy) 

It’s like fall lol and I’m talking about Valentine’s Day. I’m sorry you guys have to witness this XD 

Am I just weird or do other people hate Valentine’s Day too? 


Bye XD