well let me explain…

My choir teacher this year is a dude and he is a rat. 

He talks in a low eery voice that sends shivers down your spine and not in a good way fellow blogging people. Not in a good way at all.

He has the two front teeth and just the way his face is resembles a rat. Idk it’s just something people notice literally my friend peach (name change) said “I saw the rat biking today” 

Also he’s creepy. The first days of school everyday he singled me out and was like “hi, how’s your day?” This would be normal if he was trying to get a quiet kid to socialize but to be fair I’m pretty loud in that class because le friends are in it. So he just singled me out for no reason like there are quieter kidsssss I dunno why he would do this! That rat XD my friends joked that he is a pedophile and I don’t know not really something I like to joke about so…yup. 

Yup. Ok that’s a story. I’m awkward.