hello blogging people I guess I have to write something XD I have been nominated for “one lovely blog award” by unfashionable cupcake 

Um…so the steps are thank the person so thanks! 

Nominate 15 people

Um list 7 facts about yourself 

Fact #1: 

I have been singing in choir since kindergarten. It’s always been a passion haha ^~^ I just love singing and the section I sing in is suprano for any choir kids out there who know what I’m talking about? 

Fact #2: 

I am extremely antisocial. I have my group of friends that I stick with and surround myself with really good people because I don’t want any half ass friends. I do make new friends but it just takes me longer to make friends I guess…if that makes sense? 

Fact #3: 

I am obsessed with a band called falling in reverse. Most people don’t know it. It’s a rock band with some screamo some rapping little bit of everything it’s spontaneous and the lyrics are either dirty, meaningful, or relatable. If you should so choose to look them up I reccomend you listen to “fashionably late” or “just keep holding on” I love all those songs but those 2 are very amazing. 

Fact # 4: 

I love anime. Yup I’ve said it. I love anime mostly fairy tail and also black butler I just love anime so much like in the summer that’s my life. Kinda lame but yup. 

Fact #5: 

I am creative in many ways. Singing, drawing, writing, fashion….I just love all of them so much and enjoy myself when I’m doing them 🙂 

Fact #6: today strawberry asked me my ring size…for future reference he says >.< 

Fact #7: I ran out of facts…that’s a fact. 

(Pssst I never nominate anyone for these so yeah)