Have you ever wanted to rip someone’s eyes out and stomp on them several times!? Those are the feels rn 

So…some friends went to the homecoming football game I was gonna go but then like I got lazy I guess XD 

Anyways, these 2 guys were messaging me and they’re friends so I made a group chat and I said fuck you! And then “sure what time?” Happened and I was like ugh.  Then “go fuck yourself” and this guys like “naw I need your help”

Augh guys are dumb sometimes their dirty jokes become too much to handle and just bluh >.< 

Dudes :p 

Do you guys have this problem with like guy friends and stuff? XD 

Welp such is this here life of mine. 

Guys can be like big bears for cuddling or they can be the meanest things ever I swear 

The amount of teasing that happens *rolls eyes* 

Also when did I give this dude permission to steal away kit Kat (my fwiend) how could heeeeeeeeeeee aughhhhhhhhhh 

They’re so cute though so like it’s ok!!!! On another note today my friend raspberry (I change all names to fruit and stuff) was very excited because she will get to see her dude at the dance and they’re going to dance together ultra cute! ^~^ 

Welp bye