Ok so strawberry went to take a relationship test but he says he answered all the questions while thinking about me and about me Augh >.< *gos into firetruck mode aka uber embarassment* 

It makes me so happy that he did this but at the same time I’m embarrassed >.< 

He’s such a sweetheart ❤ and like butterflies and stuff omg >.< 

He has to do oral questions, online, and written ones about his relationship and although we are not technically in one because of long distance he answered them about me. 

They were questions like “where do you see yourself in the future?” “What attracts you to your partner?”  “Why would you like to grow old with them?” 

Stuff like that! We like to call our relationship to one another friends with emotional benefits it’s like an open relationship thing but idk he’s gonna move to where I live in the future 🙂 we’ve know eachother for a year and a few months now which is really cool 

Sorry for this rant it just kinda made me overjoyed and I feel like really super ultra loved 🙂 

Welp bye