The title should explain a bit but basically I was snapchatting my cousin and I told her I don’t go to church anymore cause it made me very depressed I ended up in the hospital for cutting it was a very dark time maybe an all time low for me because I was being psychologically abused. 

Then she responds with 

“I doubt that’s what made you depressed” 

I said, “you can’t tell me what made me depressed for years and still depresses me” 

She just sarcastically responded with “alright then” I could tell she didn’t believe me. 

Then I talked to a close girl friend of mine and she was like everyone’s entitled to their opinion she actually sided with my cousin. 

I know everyone has a right to believe what they want to I’m blonde but I’m not stupid gosh…

But to tell someone what makes them depressed doesn’t make them depressed would be like for example 

You telling me your favorite song then me being like “uh no actually you like Phoenix by fall out boy” 

Am I just being selfish or do I actually have a point…? 

I think I know what makes me depressed I think I’m at least capable of that much *sigh* 

I’m sorry guys this has been giving me a headache for days now 

I just don’t think it’s morally right to treat someone how she has been treating me ever since I stopped going to church. I’m her cousin got christs sake…and also most of my church friends are still friends with me so…like what’s her problem? 

I want your opinions on the matter if you disagree with me that’s ok I’m mature I can handle it but give me a good reason why you disagree it better be backed up please I really want honest opinions don’t sugarcoat it 

Welp bye