I miss you all so much but I figured it would be wise not to blog whilst I am all whiny and depressed and stuff =^.^=

basically what happened is…I broke my glasses in all my grace by stepping on them ( I only wear them so I am able to read the board at school otherwise screw em) So of course I went to have my eyes examined so I could get new ones…The lady helping saw my arm…for those who have been reading for awhile you may know I used to cut…I still have some scars but I’m a month or two clean now…but she just looked at my arm disgusted…

I felt sick…..I felt really sick but I just smiled and told her my kitten did it…she probably didn’t believe me but I’m so ashamed of the scars I have to lie about them…It just happens like word vomit I come up with some sort of an excuse…It’s impulse…the judgemental eyes that see my scars scare me…they scare me a lot

I’m so sorry I haven’t blogged but…I do miss you all so much and you guys are always there to read my stupid rants XD

love you all

stay strong…