ok, so I’ve done this award a few times now but I decided to do it cause strawberry ❤ 

So thanks for le nomination kiddo or I guess you’re an adult being 18 and all old man *poke* 

Anyways, the questions he asks are: 

 What’s your favorite band /artist and whyyy?

Well strawberry…my favorite band…omg I’ve always always loved secondhand serenade but lately falling in reverse has taken over my life. They’re my favorite because their songs are upbeat with meaningful lyrics and the lyrics really speak to me “if we’re all born to die and we all die to live then what’s the point in living life if it just contradicts”- falling in reverse 

Need I say more? 

What’s your favorite (not favourite cause I’m American) form of social media? 

Hmm……wellllllllll….considering I don’t really care about socializing cause I’m usually a potato in my room I don’t have one ^•^ 

Where did you go on vacation that made you feel all amazing and like constantly want to go back? 

Ive been to lots of states…hmmm I guess my favorite place though is Michigan because my cousins who live there are pretty spiffy I plunged into ice cold Lake Superior and even dunked *gasp* we go there every year and it just makes me so happy because my cousins are just the bomb you don’t even know. 

On a scale of 1-100 how lazy are you? 100 being a complete potato 

I would like to lie and say like 33 but we all know I’m more of an 85 at the least… XD 

Do you watch anime…if so what’s your favorite anime? If not what’s your favorite tv show? 

Yes I do watch anime…my favorite ongoing is fairy tail *poke* that’s how we met strawberry. My favorite finished series is…dang…forgot the name…I never remember anime names…oh wellllllll 

Would you consider yourself an artsy person? 

Pfffft. Do I even have to answer this question. Fuck yes I am so artz. 

In a zombie apocalypse what would be your weapon of choice? 

Strawberry be my weapon. 

Favorite thing about your best friend? 

I like how completely selfless my best friend is :3 

Favorite animal? 

Panda ermahgud ❤ just pandas all the way 

Do you have any major fears? 

Thunder and….losing everyone I love :3 

What’s something on your bucket list? 

To kiss a certain someone *wink wink nudge nudge* (I almost typed just wink wink and it didn’t feel righttttttt) 

Oh and um I don’t like nominating people so I won’t 

Tell me if you actually read this in the comments ❤