“They think you’re crazy they think you’re weird 

they call you stupid worthless tell you you’re not worth it 

 and now you’re walking back to a place you call home 

but you feel so alone” 

Song lyrics are beautiful things. That is all. What a momentous occasion I’m posting *snoopy happy dance* 

Anyways, so today at school my friend peach and hmmm..I have to come up with a name cause new friend…hmmm…my friend peach and my friend tomato (cause it’s a fruit which is weird and she’s weird but it’s awesome) 

So peach and tomato were asking what I was doing for Halloween and stuff and I was like uh idk…then they basically said aye you’re coming with us and I was like well I guess ok so I haz plans I guess. 

I should be happy…but I’m not…I always get invited to things then make up some excuse like I can’t go and stay home and watch stuff all day…I don’t know why I do that to myself it makes me depressed being alone so I should really be out with friends but yet I can’t make myself do it….argh…

I’m so antisocial. 

Am I the only one who secludes myself like this? 

Welp not the only time I’ve done it either I do it a lot :p