Today at school I was looking out the window and this girl I’ll call her lemon cause she’s sour…she took the like little blind thingy you pull to make the blinds close open you know…and wrapped it around my neck jokingly 

She said, “you’re dead.” Then my friend peach and I shared a look…I think peach was about to snap at her for doing that…then I said, “unfortunately I’m not.” 

The topic quickly changed…but that’s going to be engraved in my head for a long long time…

How can people joke about stuff like that it makes me so sick…the worse part was I didn’t have time to dwell on it cause I had to write a practice essay…so I just had to be emotionless and write away cause grades are important in an advanced placement class…

I just don’t understand why people joke about suicide…and’s not funny..*sigh* also in America we have an anti-bullying day 

We all wear orange cause it’s something no one would normally wear…but wearing different colors than usual doesn’t stop the fact that anti-bullying day is the day with the highest suicide rate…I hate anti bullying day it doesn’t stop bullying it just makes everyone like hey let’s be nice this day and then everything is back to the usual hell 

Welp bye