Been awhile huh? Ok maybe a long while…

Anyways my friend peach told me something scary it made me so pissed at her siblings. She said everything’s been getting to her so much she’s been cutting..I guess she feels ok telling me cause we have been friends forever and she knows I cut. I told her if she ever needs an escape or to rant I’m here and she hugged me…that’s good right? 🙂 I think it is…I mean I know from my own experience friends being there help so so much…they make you feel loved and like you’re worth something to someone if your family is shitty like mine…and peaches and strawberries 😦 it makes me sad that the people I love have such rough backgrounds but at the same time grateful they can understand me. 

Yesterday was thanksgiving in America and I was forced into so many photos and my grandma said, “she doesn’t want to be a *insert my last name here*” I was honestly so tempted to say you’re right I don’t. 

Anyways a lot of stuff has happened…so yeah good and bad I’m a few weeks clean of cutting so that’s good I suppose and things haven’t been too horrendous. Well my family sucks but used to it so…

How have all you been? I miss you all 🙂 I’m gonna try and blog more again just so much drama happening you know? No time aha :3 rawr