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December 2015

Tactiful rule breaking 

“And the worst part is there’s no one else to blame…”

Yesterday, I went to the mall with my friends (typical) anyways we were shopping for sing-o-gram outfits…which is basically you pick a love song then people can buy it and send it to people. The song we are doing is your guardian angel by red jumpsuit apparatus(I picked the song this year woot woot). Anyways, this mall has this dumbass rule that you have to be 16 to walk around alone. Lame as fuckkkkk….and of course me and my friends all happen to be 15 ugh. 

So we went into forever 21 to search for our white angel dresses and I found one..that was really pretty and I got it btw. Well anyways we walked out and the cops stopped us. We were all super frustrated when Noni( it is a fruit) shouts, “all I wanted was a sandwich is that so wrong”. We all burst out laughing then my mom came and got us to get food after that my mom let us go off on our own again but we made sure to steer clear of forever 21. 

We ended up browsing a few more stores for better dresses (we put the ones in forever 21 on hold incase we found better ones) then Noni sees bath and body works and I’m like, “Yus lets go”. Then my very organized friend cherry( I’ll call her this cause she likes red lipstick) was all like, “you guys we don’t have enough time”. So we split up again..after bath and body works Noni calls my friends and they are trapped in sears (a cop is watching an entrance) so me and Noni start heading over there. We are walking and head up this escalator this cop hops on right behind us and we’re just like shit but then I’m like, “Noni..just..keep walking with this family in front of us” and this idiotic cop bought it. After he was gone I started laughing really hard. 

We get there and this cop is facing the entrance of Sears I’m like…shit. Then this cop gets distracted and me and Noni like walk really fast past him and make into sears and begin laughing as we go up the escalator to find other friends. We tactfully make our way out of Sears while this cop is distracted by other kids who are too young to walk around….

DUN DUN DUN we thought we had successfully escaped into American eagle when this cop walks over to the entrance and stands there. Thinking he is smart he hides behind a pole. C’mon we are 15 not 6 we aren’t that stupid… XD 

Anyways, then my friends mom came and rescued us and as we walked past the cop we gave him a glare XD 

So long story short it was a long day of shopping and sneaking past cops. OH NO I’M A RULE BREAKER GUYS I SHOULD BE IN JAIL XD 

Welp bye 


Am I irresistible? 

*flips hair* 

Um no jk jk but anyways 

So one of you bloggers *wink wink nudge nudge poke poke* joked about this lol 

Ok so..anyways for as long as I can remember people do hit on me..and I get in awkward situations with guys #thatpostaboutthatoneguyonwhatislifepostandvariousotherpostsaboutsuchproblems 

I’m bisexual…so also girls hit on me some of based on the fact that people flirt with me I am forced to acknowledge I have some looks and do not look like a potato as much as I want to believe I do..I love potatoes…

One of the most awkward situations was when this girl figured out I was bi she freaked out and was all “since when omg” and I was there like “um..since..forever” like my goodness how did she not know!? Then she started being really weird and snapchatted me a picture of her boobs..THIS IS A REAL STORY I SWEAR TO THE NONEXISTENT GOD (I’m an athiest XD)  also I was skyping and she was all like that baby..IT WAS A GROUP SKYPE CALL WHAT THE HELL…literally..I heard her like..every once in awhile she breathed really heavy and was all like noooo mmm no and dammit..omg most awkward situation like there were other people on the call what was this girl thinking I felt so embarrassed and felt bad for her like the people on the call..we were all so awkward if you don’t think this is a true story I have witnesses one of them is strawberry 

Have any of you been in a super awkward situation like that? Please tell me I’m not the only one!!!! PLEASE FAM  


(Also if you haven’t noticed I’m getting back on here posting regularly and commenting and stuff yay) 

My little sister is a gem 

Ok so today we went shopping my mom and my little sister and me 


Anyways I needed new bras because yeah boobs grow so um..anyways moving on xD

My little sister was so embarrassed to be in the bra section it was so funny I was like having a laugh attack like c’mon bras are not embarrassing :’) it was just…she was like,”littlemissinvisible(she actually said my name right here) this is a bad section what if guys see us in here” and just xD little siblings ok. 

Also apparently strawberry skyped a blogger on here :3 he used to blog on here a little but left because it used to be my space to let out my feelings and keep me from cutting and it helps me so he didn’t want me to hurt anymore and quit blogging which is beyond sweet 🙂 

Welp bye 

A jealous jelly donut in my life 

“See back in high school I never was cool 

Until I chose to

Just do what I do” 

I love saywecanfly so anyways yesterday I went ice skating and like I was with this guy friend and peach anyways this guy friend is honestly so jelly of strawberry..

Anytime I post something related to him for example that drawing I put it up on my Instagram too…

Well this guy friend was all like “hey what’d you do today” 

“I drew all day :)” 

“I know.” 

Ok so he saw the post…but uh he didn’t like it so basically he stalks my Instagram and likes every picture except ones having to do with strawberry and when I post something related to that he gets so pissy. 

I barely I post about strawberry though soooo…yeah idk this guy just gets so crabby and mad when I post relating to strawberry because this guy has a huge crush on me (I’m not kidding I’m quite serious he asked me out a few times and I was like let’s just be friends ok) 

Soooo..welp idk what to do 


Update on what is life post 

Hi guys so I told you about that guy well that’s not happening XD 

Welp ok so a few weeks ago..I confronted him about it… 


“Why what” 

“Since 8th grade? Why?” 

“I think I know where this conversation is going and I don’t want to have it” 

So yeah that’s what happened and well..honestly whatever..I’m kinda a little disappointed that he hasn’t been talking to me. I don’t want to push though you know so I haven’t talked to him either and we have been friends for a long time so yeah idk…welp Idek if we are friends anymore..I think I might’ve scared him or made him uncomfortable..I don’t want him romantically I just wish we could go back to being friends and talk again you know 

Welp bye 

It’s strange the things that boost ones confidence 

Hi everyone been awhile…anyways awhile back I got my hair cut like “scene” hair anyways I style it and stuff and it’s just..I’ve wanted my hair like this since forever you know..and now that I finally have it. Goodness it feels so great! 

I just find it kinda weird how clothes and hair and other things can just work for some people and make them feel more confident and maybe not hate themselves as much…

I think it’s amazing..and it’s probably stupid and anyone reading this is probably like oh you’re going through a scene phase ick but the thing is like I’ve wanted hair like this since forever I literally just the hair makes me so happy and genuinely makes me feel comfortable in my own body..weird as that sounds. 

Do you maybe have something that just makes you feel a little better? 

Welp bye 

P.s. Happy late Christmas and merry birthday 😉 

What is life? 

Something quite interesting that I absolutely did not expect to happen happened today..

So..this guy friend of mine who has been friends with me since 8th grade I’ll call him pear and a couple other friends were all chilling and then peach leaves along with other said friend 

Pear and I are what even? 

Then…he said “Sarah I sorta have a crush on you and I can’t help it also I swing both ways” 

Apparently…he’s had a crush on me since 8th grade when we first met I’m in 10th grade now…

And I look back and realize how absolutely blind I am for example we were at a football game I was cold and he offered me his coat…like bruh…HOW DID I NOT NOTICE 

Welp bye 


My choir concert went well we didn’t mess up and we sounded pretty good 🙂 also I didn’t trip so yeah #accomplishments 

It’s always kinda dissapointing after a concert when it’s all done and it’s like oh that was it :’) 

I took pictures of my friends and stuff I have a headache and I’m not sure who came to my concert by that I mean the stalker kid who I wrote about quite a long while back(not sure if the posts are still there) he said he would see me today but I didn’t see him idk I feel creeped out :3 

Also my friend peach said she would of course go I do hope she enjoyed our songs 🙂 she’s like my best friend person potato thing 

And I really wish strawberry could’ve gone :’) but he lives in Canada so that’s hard to arrange…Hmmph *pouts* I really really wanted him to come cause he is in choir too and could appreciate all the work that goes into it 

Welp bye 

Music ^~^

“Why do you feel the need to put on a pretty face give them a pretty taste no ones buying it anyways” 

I have a really terrible habit of listening to songs that I shouldn’t and then getting depressed and then I just keep listening to them because the songs like make me feel complete inside of that made any sense…

Music just has a way of giving you life…when you’re happy you listen to music when you’re mad you listen to music when you’re depressed you listen to music…

It’s just constantly there like your best friend cause you and music relate so well the amazing 

“Music on my mind, mind on my music” maybe best sums it up for me…it makes me feel it keeps me alive and it’s a wonderful beautiful thing to feel just so alive inside…

My choir concert is this Monday and Tuesday and I’m quite excited ^~^ 

The thing about music is it can reach out to anyone..and it has a way of connecting you to it. 

Welp bye 

P.s. Said rant about people reading blog…not directed at one specific person it’s multiple peoples who just show up then never return…my constant readers I love you and appreciate you and new readers I love you and appreciate you as well!!! I was by no means trying to make anyone feel bad I’m sorry if I did :’) 

Welp Foreals bye 

Potato out. 

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