~Share with me the secrets that you kept in because it’s cold inside, cold inside, it’s cold inside~

Lyrics from a song called vulnerable by my favorite band secondhand serenade ❤ 

Anyways, things have been so crazy lately and today I told my friend peach I’m bisexual so that’s cool I guess she was awesome we high fived and everything ^~^ so that’s all good yeah idk I guess I never told her cause I’m scared of how people will react because people are such birches yes birches not bitches thanks autocorrect but peach is the sweetest friend 🙂 

I mean some “friends” just don’t even care so…yeah. That’s a thing and I know I know they shouldn’t be in my life they don’t matter bla bla bla but the thing is they do they’re good friends they just haven’t experienced the things I have so they cannot understand. I’m not mad at them I’m happy they have good life’s you know 🙂 that’s great 

Welp bye