“Why do you feel the need to put on a pretty face give them a pretty taste no ones buying it anyways” 

I have a really terrible habit of listening to songs that I shouldn’t and then getting depressed and then I just keep listening to them because the songs like make me feel complete inside of that made any sense…

Music just has a way of giving you life…when you’re happy you listen to music when you’re mad you listen to music when you’re depressed you listen to music…

It’s just constantly there like your best friend cause you and music relate so well the emotion..is amazing 

“Music on my mind, mind on my music” maybe best sums it up for me…it makes me feel it keeps me alive and it’s a wonderful beautiful thing to feel just so alive inside…

My choir concert is this Monday and Tuesday and I’m quite excited ^~^ 

The thing about music is it can reach out to anyone..and it has a way of connecting you to it. 

Welp bye 

P.s. Said rant about people reading blog…not directed at one specific person it’s multiple peoples who just show up then never return…my constant readers I love you and appreciate you and new readers I love you and appreciate you as well!!! I was by no means trying to make anyone feel bad I’m sorry if I did :’) 

Welp Foreals bye 

Potato out.