My choir concert went well we didn’t mess up and we sounded pretty good 🙂 also I didn’t trip so yeah #accomplishments 

It’s always kinda dissapointing after a concert when it’s all done and it’s like oh that was it :’) 

I took pictures of my friends and stuff I have a headache and I’m not sure who came to my concert by that I mean the stalker kid who I wrote about quite a long while back(not sure if the posts are still there) he said he would see me today but I didn’t see him idk I feel creeped out :3 

Also my friend peach said she would of course go I do hope she enjoyed our songs 🙂 she’s like my best friend person potato thing 

And I really wish strawberry could’ve gone :’) but he lives in Canada so that’s hard to arrange…Hmmph *pouts* I really really wanted him to come cause he is in choir too and could appreciate all the work that goes into it 

Welp bye