Hi everyone been awhile…anyways awhile back I got my hair cut like “scene” hair anyways I style it and stuff and it’s just..I’ve wanted my hair like this since forever you know..and now that I finally have it. Goodness it feels so great! 

I just find it kinda weird how clothes and hair and other things can just work for some people and make them feel more confident and maybe not hate themselves as much…

I think it’s amazing..and it’s probably stupid and anyone reading this is probably like oh you’re going through a scene phase ick but the thing is like I’ve wanted hair like this since forever I literally just the hair makes me so happy and genuinely makes me feel comfortable in my own body..weird as that sounds. 

Do you maybe have something that just makes you feel a little better? 

Welp bye 

P.s. Happy late Christmas and merry birthday 😉