*flips hair* 

Um no jk jk but anyways 

So one of you bloggers *wink wink nudge nudge poke poke* joked about this lol 

Ok so..anyways for as long as I can remember people do hit on me..and I get in awkward situations with guys #thatpostaboutthatoneguyonwhatislifepostandvariousotherpostsaboutsuchproblems 

I’m bisexual…so also girls hit on me some of them..so based on the fact that people flirt with me I am forced to acknowledge I have some looks and do not look like a potato as much as I want to believe I do..I love potatoes…

One of the most awkward situations was when this girl figured out I was bi she freaked out and was all “since when omg” and I was there like “um..since..forever” like my goodness how did she not know!? Then she started being really weird and snapchatted me a picture of her boobs..THIS IS A REAL STORY I SWEAR TO THE NONEXISTENT GOD (I’m an athiest XD)  also I was skyping and she was all like..you like that baby..IT WAS A GROUP SKYPE CALL WHAT THE HELL…literally..I heard her like..every once in awhile she breathed really heavy and was all like noooo mmm no and dammit..omg most awkward situation like there were other people on the call what was this girl thinking I felt so embarrassed and felt bad for her like the people on the call..we were all so awkward if you don’t think this is a true story I have witnesses one of them is strawberry 

Have any of you been in a super awkward situation like that? Please tell me I’m not the only one!!!! PLEASE FAM  


(Also if you haven’t noticed I’m getting back on here posting regularly and commenting and stuff yay)