“And the worst part is there’s no one else to blame…”

Yesterday, I went to the mall with my friends (typical) anyways we were shopping for sing-o-gram outfits…which is basically you pick a love song then people can buy it and send it to people. The song we are doing is your guardian angel by red jumpsuit apparatus(I picked the song this year woot woot). Anyways, this mall has this dumbass rule that you have to be 16 to walk around alone. Lame as fuckkkkk….and of course me and my friends all happen to be 15 ugh. 

So we went into forever 21 to search for our white angel dresses and I found one..that was really pretty and I got it btw. Well anyways we walked out and the cops stopped us. We were all super frustrated when Noni( it is a fruit) shouts, “all I wanted was a sandwich is that so wrong”. We all burst out laughing then my mom came and got us to get food after that my mom let us go off on our own again but we made sure to steer clear of forever 21. 

We ended up browsing a few more stores for better dresses (we put the ones in forever 21 on hold incase we found better ones) then Noni sees bath and body works and I’m like, “Yus lets go”. Then my very organized friend cherry( I’ll call her this cause she likes red lipstick) was all like, “you guys we don’t have enough time”. So we split up again..after bath and body works Noni calls my friends and they are trapped in sears (a cop is watching an entrance) so me and Noni start heading over there. We are walking and head up this escalator this cop hops on right behind us and we’re just like shit but then I’m like, “Noni..just..keep walking with this family in front of us” and this idiotic cop bought it. After he was gone I started laughing really hard. 

We get there and this cop is facing the entrance of Sears I’m like…shit. Then this cop gets distracted and me and Noni like walk really fast past him and make into sears and begin laughing as we go up the escalator to find other friends. We tactfully make our way out of Sears while this cop is distracted by other kids who are too young to walk around….

DUN DUN DUN we thought we had successfully escaped into American eagle when this cop walks over to the entrance and stands there. Thinking he is smart he hides behind a pole. C’mon we are 15 not 6 we aren’t that stupid… XD 

Anyways, then my friends mom came and rescued us and as we walked past the cop we gave him a glare XD 

So long story short it was a long day of shopping and sneaking past cops. OH NO I’M A RULE BREAKER GUYS I SHOULD BE IN JAIL XD 

Welp bye