Hi everyone it’s been a longass time. I’m mostly here to rant I guess haha as usual what a shocker. My bitch of an ex who literally dumped me then was like “I still want you in my life” *doesn’t talk to me for months* then my birthday happened and he dmed me happy birthday and I was like um…thanks didn’t expect that from you. Then he had the nerve to be like, “Why’s that?” And I went to town on his ass and was the most cold I’ve ever been. “Idk you dumped me so.” That shut his sorry ass up. He’s a piece of shit people tried to warn me about him and I was all like but I want to get to know him for him not by a reputation. I’m too nice some people say. 

He still has this picture of him and I on his Instagram and I asked him to delete it. He’s read my message but it’s still up. Honestly, I know it’s pathetic but he treated me like crap and cheated on me. He totally played me. I don’t want to be associated with any of that at all. 

On a happier note my monthiversary with my new boyfriend is coming up June 30th C: which is also his birthday. Damn I timed it good (I asked him out hehe). Things have been smooth sailing and the sexual life has been Gucci. Romantic wise things have been adorable too. 

Also I’m trying to get a job and this clothes store hmu so I might work there. Although, retail is scary as hell like yikes. 

The thing is..it’s like my ex..well I was finally feeling decent then he has to come crashing back into my life and treat me like trash again. I don’t need to be reminded of all the shit he’s done to me. Cheating not once but two times that fucking dick.

Welp that’s all I guess for now Oh! also sur ma route par Black M 10/10