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July 2016

I swear I am so paranoid omg I need to chill out Bruh 

Ok so like you have your friends right and it’s like that’s cool and all yay! But then it’s like they don’t even hang out with you lol and also you can’t even be salty cause it’s like I live 45 minutes away haha we would have to plan stuff out real well so I can’t even blame some of them. 

Then it’s like you feel bad cause apparently they told your mom they miss you :’) like omg I love you so much you’re a true friend but we hardly ever see eachother like nuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu. Idk maybe it’s just me but this seems to be the issue with my friends like we love eachother but we live kinda far from eachother so yeah. Also I can’t help but feel paranoid they don’t like me and are avoiding me but in reality they usually just hang out just a small group cause they all live so close then there’s me lol so yeah. 

Also I got really pretty lights and hung them up in my room so like that’s cool man also Coca Cola is so good omg you guys just omg. 

How are ya’ll doing like what’s going on with you? For me it’s nothing really going on I guess so that’s cool but my boyfriend gets back Wednesday so that’s cool as well C: 

Welp bye. 


5 senses tag 

Bla bla so first thank the person who nominated you c: thanks fam for nominating me *poke* 

Then for each of the 5 senses write your 5 favorite things associated with them or whatever. I’m writing this fast lol don’t judge me. 


-lakes, rivers, waterfalls anything water related really I love water. 

-the stars C: 

-photographs(I love photography) 

-my bed after a longass day or really anytime of the day cause I’m lazy and sleep a lot nowadays so. 

-smiles, ok so..just a smile is everything to me. I really love making people smile. 




-the feel of sand in between my toes 

-my cats soft fur c: so lovely 

– I really like my boyfriends hair it’s super soft don’t even judge me XD 


-salted caramel mocha frappuccino 

-chocolate chip cookies 

-lollipops or pretty much any candy tbh except three musketeers that shit is nasty in my opinion XD 

-Chicken Alfredo, my absolute favorite food 

-mint chip ice cream


– my boyfriends cologne like damn boi you’re doin it right 

-Carmel C: 

-sweet pea (bath and body works) 

-that smell of brand new clothes hehehe kinda weird oh well. 

-um, food in general. 


any falling in reverse song c: 

-the sizzle of bacon damn that is satisfying 


-psychedelic rock music 

-that soft caring voice that calms you down c: 

Ummmmm….I’m supposed to nominate people but idk who to nominate so I just won’t haha. 

Welp bye. 

Things have been weird.

Hey all so do you remember in my last post how I told you all about how I blocked Strawberry? Well, that didn’t last very long I unblocked him and everything but he will probably never be my best friend again. It is unfair of me to put him in a position that close to me when he still has feelings for me in a romantic relationship type way, with me I know personally that would hurt like hell because he put me in that same position when he was dating watermelon head and I just remember being so cold and numb and that situation is actually what led me to blogging and all that.

I mean it’s not like lots of people read my blog hardly anyone does but the few that do let me know this is a safe place to just rant and vent my emotions out. It’s pretty remarkable what having a few people that care can do for you even if they don’t know your real name or any of that information. Anyways, back to the subject at hand I unblocked him and we have been talking a little bit he’s sincerely very sorry for what he did but I just do not think I can ever see him in the same way as someone who has always been there for me. I think he’ll just be that guy I talk to once in awhile you know?

Btw bowling for soup is fantastic it’s an acquired taste though so don’t get salty if you don’t like it aha. I’m going to try blogging more again but I say that every time I finally write a post welp. I absolutely adore alternative music it’s so amazing omg.

welp, bye for now fam.

Life kind of sucks but it will get better 

Today was very rough but first you need background information. I used to date this kid (remember strawberry) things ended and he dated someone else and I started dating again as well. He got dumped by said girlfriend. When I was in a relationship with him it was a ddlg relationship. Anyways, on Sunday we skyped for the first time in a long time and he harassed me. He told me that I am a sub and should know my place. He is not my Dom and has no right to say those sorts of things to me whatsoever. Anyways, because I was uncomfortable with the situation I lied and said I was tired and had to sleep. 

Fast forward to yesterday I was hanging out with my current boyfriend and we were messing around and I had a panic attack due to the sexual harassment happening lately. He held me and wiped away my tears and comforted me. When I could talk it out with him after I was done crying I did I told him everything. That my best friend (strawberry) was harassing me. He told me I had to block him on everything because that is not ok and that yes maybe strawberry used to be amazing and helped me through so much but people change and sometimes not for the better. 

I had to be considerate though so last night when I got home I told strawberry how he messed up and how uncomfortable it made me. He apologized over a text. Anyways, I could not just block him because his ex blocked him without stating why and he broke down so I at least told him why I was blocking him and that he had been doing things I did not think appropriate calling me pet names etc. (which only your Dom is supposed to do for those not involved in the lifestyle). He basically treated me like a sexual object and not a human being. I don’t want to get too into all the shit he did. 

He then proceeded to try to manipulate me and say it was my fault and confessed he never got over me and still loved me. Even if that was the case and he was jealous over my relationship sexually harassing me was not the way to deal with the situation. 

So today I blocked him on everything and now…I have no best friend to talk life with at 3 a.m. And I feel so lonely…

Welp that’s all I guess bye. 

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