Today was very rough but first you need background information. I used to date this kid (remember strawberry) things ended and he dated someone else and I started dating again as well. He got dumped by said girlfriend. When I was in a relationship with him it was a ddlg relationship. Anyways, on Sunday we skyped for the first time in a long time and he harassed me. He told me that I am a sub and should know my place. He is not my Dom and has no right to say those sorts of things to me whatsoever. Anyways, because I was uncomfortable with the situation I lied and said I was tired and had to sleep. 

Fast forward to yesterday I was hanging out with my current boyfriend and we were messing around and I had a panic attack due to the sexual harassment happening lately. He held me and wiped away my tears and comforted me. When I could talk it out with him after I was done crying I did I told him everything. That my best friend (strawberry) was harassing me. He told me I had to block him on everything because that is not ok and that yes maybe strawberry used to be amazing and helped me through so much but people change and sometimes not for the better. 

I had to be considerate though so last night when I got home I told strawberry how he messed up and how uncomfortable it made me. He apologized over a text. Anyways, I could not just block him because his ex blocked him without stating why and he broke down so I at least told him why I was blocking him and that he had been doing things I did not think appropriate calling me pet names etc. (which only your Dom is supposed to do for those not involved in the lifestyle). He basically treated me like a sexual object and not a human being. I don’t want to get too into all the shit he did. 

He then proceeded to try to manipulate me and say it was my fault and confessed he never got over me and still loved me. Even if that was the case and he was jealous over my relationship sexually harassing me was not the way to deal with the situation. 

So today I blocked him on everything and now…I have no best friend to talk life with at 3 a.m. And I feel so lonely…

Welp that’s all I guess bye.