Bla bla so first thank the person who nominated you c: thanks fam for nominating me *poke* 

Then for each of the 5 senses write your 5 favorite things associated with them or whatever. I’m writing this fast lol don’t judge me. 


-lakes, rivers, waterfalls anything water related really I love water. 

-the stars C: 

-photographs(I love photography) 

-my bed after a longass day or really anytime of the day cause I’m lazy and sleep a lot nowadays so. 

-smiles, ok so..just a smile is everything to me. I really love making people smile. 




-the feel of sand in between my toes 

-my cats soft fur c: so lovely 

– I really like my boyfriends hair it’s super soft don’t even judge me XD 


-salted caramel mocha frappuccino 

-chocolate chip cookies 

-lollipops or pretty much any candy tbh except three musketeers that shit is nasty in my opinion XD 

-Chicken Alfredo, my absolute favorite food 

-mint chip ice cream


– my boyfriends cologne like damn boi you’re doin it right 

-Carmel C: 

-sweet pea (bath and body works) 

-that smell of brand new clothes hehehe kinda weird oh well. 

-um, food in general. 


any falling in reverse song c: 

-the sizzle of bacon damn that is satisfying 


-psychedelic rock music 

-that soft caring voice that calms you down c: 

Ummmmm….I’m supposed to nominate people but idk who to nominate so I just won’t haha. 

Welp bye.