Ok so like you have your friends right and it’s like that’s cool and all yay! But then it’s like they don’t even hang out with you lol and also you can’t even be salty cause it’s like I live 45 minutes away haha we would have to plan stuff out real well so I can’t even blame some of them. 

Then it’s like you feel bad cause apparently they told your mom they miss you :’) like omg I love you so much you’re a true friend but we hardly ever see eachother like nuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu. Idk maybe it’s just me but this seems to be the issue with my friends like we love eachother but we live kinda far from eachother so yeah. Also I can’t help but feel paranoid they don’t like me and are avoiding me but in reality they usually just hang out just a small group cause they all live so close then there’s me lol so yeah. 

Also I got really pretty lights and hung them up in my room so like that’s cool man also Coca Cola is so good omg you guys just omg. 

How are ya’ll doing like what’s going on with you? For me it’s nothing really going on I guess so that’s cool but my boyfriend gets back Wednesday so that’s cool as well C: 

Welp bye.