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October 2016

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“And I don’t want your Jesus. I just want to smoke my cigarettes and drink my whiskey and for you to love me for the monster I am.”-Christopher Poindexter 

I made a promise that I am trying very hard to keep because it is a pinky promise and that is real shit. 

Like you guys I could lose my pinky that is the concept of a broken pinky promise. 

I cannot stop dwelling on my own miseries but I am trying my best for everyone around me I don’t want to hurt them. This kid at my school killed himself and the affect it had was terrible. I don’t want to do that to people. 

Also I feel bad I never read what you guys write anymore I think I will start doing that again I do quite enjoy knowing what’s up or what’s good. 

Work is ok I mean it’ll get better when I’m done learning stuff and just get to work so yeah.

 Also random older dudes are trying to get me to meet up with them to have sex and I’m like naw hold the phone. 

Things have been tense with my boyfriend. I just get sick of hearing him talk about this girl all the time and how amazing it is she beat cancer and talks for kids cancer movements and shit. Don’t get me wrong I’m happy chemo killed her cancer and she’s good. However, she doesn’t need to be put on a pedestal above everyone. We are all fighting our own battles and winning doesn’t make us better than those who lose. Or maybe I’m just being selfish? 

Welp bye. 



So I ended up getting the job also I ended up actually socializing with people this weekend and went out haha yay me!

On Saturday I went cruising around withy older brother at 140 mph it was insane and also so thrilling at the same time it felt good! Drawing is going good I guess lol I did not turn in my drawing due today oops 

Also I am being Alexander Hamilton for a dinner party thing in school and I gotta make a costume for that which will be exciting as heck! Legit life is pretty good man 


Welp bye. 

What am I doing? 

So I applied to this store it’s an art and crafts store which is cool cause I’m broke af man. I need money to get stuff like makeup and drawing supplies. 

People are all money  can’t buy you happiness and I’m here like. Music, makeup, drawing, movies all make me happy as fuck but cost money. So yeah the interview is on Sunday and yeah hopefully I get it life is rough as a 16 year old man. 

In chemistry class this kid was all teacher X is a father but not a daddy and this other kid was all but he is a daddy he has kids. I was sitting there like *facepalm* you idiot. You obviously are so vanilla oml. Vanilla is too boring for someone like me but at the same time I won’t make someone be kinky ain’t for everyone. 

Lol wish me luck man it’s my first job interview everrrrrr

Also I need new music I like alternative but not like trashy rock bands like pierce the veil I like older stuff like the smiths and all that jazz.

Welp bye 

Let me fill you in on all the craziness.

Hey all c: 

This year I’m taking AP drawing which means I am putting together a portfolio to send to the college board! The portfolio has 3 sections the breadth, concentration, and quality. The breadth section is about using a variety of mediums and exploration and especially risk taking. The concentration section is where you focus all your art work around a topic maybe a social issue if that’s what you’re feelin. As for the quality section that is the section where you take your 5 most favorite and best quality pieces and actually physically send them in. 

Of course this makes my schedule pretty hectic as I have to make 24 pieces by the end of the year as well as my other classes. Things have been hectic and messy to say the least aha. 

Anyways, I just wanted you all to know I guess that I am alive c: and breathing and I haven’t abandoned you guys also I made a tumblr but tbh idk if I’m even gonna have time for it so whatever. 

How’s everyone’s life going? How goes school? 

P.s. Relationship is going well #4months c: 

Welp bye! 

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