Hey all c: 

This year I’m taking AP drawing which means I am putting together a portfolio to send to the college board! The portfolio has 3 sections the breadth, concentration, and quality. The breadth section is about using a variety of mediums and exploration and especially risk taking. The concentration section is where you focus all your art work around a topic maybe a social issue if that’s what you’re feelin. As for the quality section that is the section where you take your 5 most favorite and best quality pieces and actually physically send them in. 

Of course this makes my schedule pretty hectic as I have to make 24 pieces by the end of the year as well as my other classes. Things have been hectic and messy to say the least aha. 

Anyways, I just wanted you all to know I guess that I am alive c: and breathing and I haven’t abandoned you guys also I made a tumblr but tbh idk if I’m even gonna have time for it so whatever. 

How’s everyone’s life going? How goes school? 

P.s. Relationship is going well #4months c: 

Welp bye!