So I applied to this store it’s an art and crafts store which is cool cause I’m broke af man. I need money to get stuff like makeup and drawing supplies. 

People are all money  can’t buy you happiness and I’m here like. Music, makeup, drawing, movies all make me happy as fuck but cost money. So yeah the interview is on Sunday and yeah hopefully I get it life is rough as a 16 year old man. 

In chemistry class this kid was all teacher X is a father but not a daddy and this other kid was all but he is a daddy he has kids. I was sitting there like *facepalm* you idiot. You obviously are so vanilla oml. Vanilla is too boring for someone like me but at the same time I won’t make someone be kinky ain’t for everyone. 

Lol wish me luck man it’s my first job interview everrrrrr

Also I need new music I like alternative but not like trashy rock bands like pierce the veil I like older stuff like the smiths and all that jazz.

Welp bye