ok, let’s start with this I got dumped and unadded on all his social media because he thinks I cheated on him and I’m “emotionally abusive” First off I didn’t cheat oh him I just said that a 24 year old stoner tried to ask me out which is the truth. At no point did I say yes to this at all. (The date).

His best friend fucked everything up even more and convinced him that I am emotionally abusive and use my mental issues for attention( I deal with depression and anxiety if you haven’t picked that up by now). What really sucked is he totally listened to her and went along with it. He didn’t talk to me about it at all just unadded me on everything because of false accusations made against me. At the same time I don’t feel that bad because I don’t really want to date a sheep that just listens to what he hears and not both sides of the story, his best friend hates my guts so of course she’s biased as all hell and wanted to fuck me over.

I tried to drop his shit off at his house cause obviously I don’t want it anymore. I rang the doorbell a few times and knocked and his mom called the cops on me for doing that. The cops were like wtf lol why would we get called for this and I was like yeah legit wtf.

Anyways, conclusion I am single and that’s 5 months down the drain I just hope that whoever I date next doesn’t end up being a waste of my time once again.