You know how I have an ex who cheated on me? I unblocked him on everything and we made up. I apologized for being emo trash in tenth grade and he apologized for being an asshole 🙂 

Also I feel now he is more empathetic because he isn’t smoking and drinking anymore like he used to. He is supportive and kind and so fun to talk to and like a super chill friend. I think I just met him and dated him at a low point in his life. I told him about my breakup and he was nice about it and said I can always talk to him about anything. 

Also he sent me a song called as I am by logic. It really lifted my spirits which is weird I usually don’t listen to music like that but you guys if you feel down listen to that song it will literally cheer you up to the extreme 10/10 would listen again. (I did like 50 times now)

Also I’ve had more time now to get my homework done and I’m doing better in school which I think is amazing 🙂 

I hope you all are doing well 

Welp bye.