Dear me, I know that I don’t always treat you the best. God sometimes I’m really hard on you! I know that sometimes things are not always the best and you have been through so much. You constantly worry about their accusing eyes staring at your arms and face but darling don’t be so harsh on yourself. You coped with things badly, but does that mean you can’t now cope with things in a healthy way? Of course you can cope better. You’ve been clean from that way of coping for months and hopefully will be for the rest of your life. You are not worthless no matter how many people make you feel this way. Every single person in this world is worth something and you are too. You have so much to contribute to this world use your creative voice to do that. Having emotions does not nor will it ever make you weak you can talk to people about what’s going on don’t bottle up. Never ever bottle up your emotions to the point where you’re silently suffering again. Having a big heart makes you all the more strong but please remember please dear god please remember not to put everybody before yourself. Thinking about your own personal health doesn’t make you weak or selfish it just means you are taking care of yourself which is something you should absolutely strive to do. Don’t have so much resentment towards others forgiving someone doesn’t mean you must forget that they wronged you in the first place. You shouldn’t let people stop you from going places just because someone you don’t like will be somewhere doesn’t mean you shouldn’t go. Go in spite of that. There’s a certain extent to everything having said that you must understand that not everybody is here to help you but those that are you must treasure and appreciate because there are plenty of fish in the sea but they are your fish. These type of supportive trustworthy fish only come around once in awhile. Enjoy them. 

Sincerely, me.