Sometimes it feels like people keep getting more and more shallow as time goes on which I don’t roll with. It’s like nobody genuinely cares and if  they do you gotta hold on to them tightly in case they all the sudden decide you’re a waste of their time. What a superficial messed up world we live in where all that matters is how you look, how big your ass is, whether or not you’re willing to send sketchy pictures. Nobody takes a moment to step back and realize that superficial things such as these will not matter when we are older.

What’s going to matter is whether or not you have someone to be with till the end whether that’s a significant other, a best friend, a beautiful baby sister who if anyone hurt you would murder (psssh never too specific). It’s not gonna matter if you have a sexy beast for a hubby or wifey cause they’re most likely not gonna be loyal to you anyways in the long run if you think about it.

I don’t understand why people don’t understand this. I don’t understand why I can’t have genuine conversation with a guy without them asking for a nude in .5 seconds. I’m not saying all you guys act like this of course because that wouldn’t be true. My best friend is the most genuine guy ever and I think that whoever dates him is the most lucky person in the whole Milky Way. I love him with all my heart. Um I’m searching for real people to talk to not guys who want nothing but sexual favors, you feel? Not only are guys like this sometimes but also I’ve met some rather shallow girls too.

I was skyping this guy and he heard I got dumped and he just kept saying date me, date me, date me over and over again. I’m sorry buddy but that’s not how this whole thing works.

I feel like it’s all just one confused bundle of chaos this whole relationship and happiness search. Also got in trouble cause skipped a meeting with a teacher which I literally never got an email about? Ok.

Anyways, I’m closing this off here I’m kind of in French class. Oops.