I anxiously wait for you to get home cause when I talk to you I’m in my safe space where none of this other bullshit the world has to offer up matters. I feel warm and loved which is something I rarely feel nowadays. Everybody’s turned their back on me I guess..and you’re the one of the few who hasn’t. I’m so grateful for this because I too will never turn my back on you. 

-You make me laugh which is something that’s really hard to do without you.
-You make me smile my stupid cheesy smile. 

-You make me want to be better than I am for you and for everybody else. 

-You make me feel special and unique and tell me everything will be ok. That all this won’t matter in 5 years because in the end we will at least have eachother. 

-You make all the scary self destructive thoughts disappear when we talk. 

Sometimes, we don’t talk. We just sit for hours and hours admiring one another. Somehow that’s enough, more than enough. Yet I can’t shake the paranoia that like the ones before you, you’ll hurt me. You’re my best friend in the end though.