“Share your story here,” at least that’s what the prompt says everytime I come back to blog. I don’t know what to say or how to communicate all the emotions across sometimes though. 

With him all my feelings easily come across and burst out in colorful clouds of cheesy puke worthy happiness.  He will never be mine because he lives too far from me. We’ve only ever met up once and he’s going through university right now, it’s not like he can afford to come down on his own to see me. I myself am saving up for college so I can’t afford it either. I wish things were easier for us because I know without a shadow of a doubt we would be that one couple that’s been together forever if he lived closer to me.  

“What’s your New Years resolution?” He asked me. “I don’t have any this year,” I whispered back to him. Then he leans in and whispers to me on Skype, “My resolution is to do my very best to come and see you at least once in 2017.” 

Maybe, it’s cheesy. Actually I know that it all is..but it’s like the good cheese the kind you get on top of your subway sandwich that melts into it with the chicken and causes you to drool and be like oh my god heck yes. Or the pineapple and Canadian bacon on top of that perfect pizza. 

“And they will both be very devoted to their home, this is a great combination damn straight we are,” he’s reading our star sign match. Apparently Leo and cancer are a good match I guess! We tend to talk a lot over breaks and just do our studying together. 

If I’m being completely honest earlier we had a quizlet war. You know how you can make quizlet talk? Well I created a study set and made it say a bunch of really messed up things because my sense of humor is so dark and messed up and we were both laughing so hard we couldn’t breathe. I think that’s how it should be though shouldn’t it? It’s like this, I feel like I fill up my time with relationships whilst I wait for us to be a thing officially and finally. I am not about to do long distance dating because it’s way too stressful for me. I already have enough bullshit to deal with. How cynical of me. Heh. 

Welp, bye.