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January 2017

And it keeps cursing my name 

Talking to new people can be interesting. I was talking to this guy he said he’d get me Turkish royal cigarettes because he doesn’t like when I don’t have what I need. I said no cause I didn’t want to get him in trouble. Then this guy got mad at me and told me I was ungrateful and that he’s disappointed I won’t let him do things for me. I tried to see it he wanted to go to a movie and volunteered to pay for the tickets and for dinner. He said no because it would make him less of a gentleman if he did that. What is up with you guys and your pride? Like Jesus Christ let me be nice it’s my invitation and shouldn’t the one who invites be the one who pays!? Idk lmao you guys let me know what you think regarding that issue. 

Also on another note one of my friends is leaving for th navy I’m trying to give him a going away present if you know what I mean. We’ll see how that one goes through. The closet hoe has come out to play. 

Work is all time consuming but I really like it a lot more than my last job I guess. 



What if someone cheated on you and then started dating someone else, but then wanted to cheat on the person they’re dating with you. It’s morally wrong, you’ve been wronged you were the girl he cheated on months ago because you did not give him what he wanted and now you’re the one he wants.

Do you show any emotion towards him? Do you let him know he really fucked you up and made you believe nobody could ever want you? Do you quietly give him what he wants, sexual stuff? He’s leaving anyways. He’s a good friend, he just wasn’t a good boyfriend. It’s not like he’s ever coming back and hey maybe you want a little fun so why not get in on this. Why not fuck around a little? His girlfriend sounds like a crazy ass bitch anyways. She hit him and said, “My hits don’t hurt anyways” she still hit him. What the actual fuck. 

The negativity in this world is real 

WHY do we as human beings feel the need to hate or dislike people when we do not know what they’re going through? I understand hatred for someone who 100% wronged you. 

However, these people who are quiet and antisocial because they’re in so much pain. That’s not their fault, we’re all working through our own problems..wondering “what is wrong with me?” When in reality nothing is, yes we aren’t perfect. However, that doesn’t mean we’re awful for not being “perfect”

Perfection can’t ever be achieved, we’ll always feel like we’re not as good as someone comparing ourselves to someone. Someone who’s smarter, prettier, more sociable, active, fit. We’re never content with ourselves because we are given so many expectations to live up to. Maybe it’s your family, friends, or even your significant other that makes you feel not good enough. There’s always someone and the thing is it’s usually yourself. Not that expectations are always a negative thing but there’s an extent to everything. 

You just have to find that balance of contentment. Good luck out there. 

idk man

“Because my past is like a nightmare that I cannot escape”-safetysuit

It’s weird because the thing is on one hand I’m hopelessly obsessive with cute romantic gestures and on the other I’m like come at me fam wreck me up lmao. How weird is that? In all honesty I get happy when I’m single sometimes because I can wild out if you know what I mean. I can be a hoe, oh wait I’m a hoe all the time regardless the only difference is that when I’m in a relationship I am a loyal one if that makes sense. There’s been so many things I regret doing. If you’re uncomfortable with explicit stuff and idiocy in general I suggest you stop reading right now.

I suggest you checketh thyself before thy wrecketh thyself. 

List of stupid shit I regret doing and also disappointments in my life:

-giving one of my boyfriends a blowjob in a movie theater

-deepthroating the same dude, you guys if you’re uncomfortable and the guy has a jungle down there don’t be afraid to be like hell no. In my defense he used my fetishes against me and made me do a lot of stuff I was uncomfortable with because he was a horny asshole all the fucking time. So glad that ones over man.

-not buying stuff

-buying stuff ( this list just is a mess now, ah well)

-not saying my phone number was 1-800 go fuck yourself

-that I’m so quiet, I need to work on that. I’ve gotten somewhat better.

-that one of my exes is leaving for the navy February 16th and shipping out and he’s low key trying to suggest that he regrets that we have not fucked.

-all the fuckbois I’ve added on my snapchat (thank god there is a block button)

– that I don’t live in canada( long story)

-being such a bitch when I was younger

-still being a bitch on occasion but I’m done being walked all over soooo…

(to be continued in near future I suspect)




1-800 Go fuck yourself 

Today at school I was sitting alone reading my book because to be 💯 with you guys I haven’t got anybody to sit with sometimes. Anyways, reading and listening to safetysuit minding my own business when out of nowhere this kid walks over and says, “Can I sit here?” And I said,”Free country.” 

Then he leans over and is like, “Can I get your number?” And then I noticed this group of boys laughing and pointing a phone at me. They were recording the whole thing. I looked at him and said nope then he persisted and said what about your snapchat? And again I said nope. Eventually they all fucked off because I was giving no emotional reaction nor did I show humiliation. 

Then this random guy no idea who he is walks over, “Wow that was pretty fucked up.” Conversation continues. He checked to make sure I was alright which was pretty cool. I just wish I would’ve had the guts to say sure you can have my number it’s 1-800 Go fuck yourself. 


It amazes me that someone is this obsessive and has no life. That they feel the need to drag drama on for months it’s now January it happened in November chill out man. All I can say is karma is a bitch it must truly suck to stab someone in the back and then get stabbed in the back 🙂 must really blow. 

You spent your time spreading rumors about me being a slut only to get stabbed in the back yourself. No one even believed you in the first place smh. And now I don’t know the exact details but you got hurt. I would’ve normally been sympathetic but not after all that you have done. 

Readers you see the thing is in the end eventually all the shit you do will catch up to you so try to be a decent human being. Although at the same time even if you are a good person bullshit still happens to you so I guess that’s a standstill. All you really have in this world is yourself and your own motivation nobody is going to live your life for you and thus you have to keep moving forward for yourself and carving your own pathway in this messed up miserable world. People are gonna be out to get you and no matter how hard you try not everybody is going to like you but honestly fuck them. Surround yourself with people who are genuine and kind who will be there for you always. If you feel like someone is fake trust your gut instinct it is usually right. 

It’s up to you to change a nasty habit, it’s up to you to sober up, it’s up to you to get the help that you neeed, it’s up to you to just stop and breathe. It’s all you and so in a way you are the real MVP.

Cheers to you 🍻


“I can’t wait for you if all you need is time”

Well I did not make the cut for seasonal work at my job and I’m honestly pretty happy about it. It’s a scary place to work crabby old ladies fighting over ornaments and then screaming about their coupons being expired at you like you’re the responsible one. 

Reasons I’m happy I don’t work there anymore: 

-one of my coworkers thinks they have the right to act like manager of the cashiers when she is just a cashier too 

-old people saying they can’t hear me 

-old people whining about expired coupons 

-coupons not applying to stuff and then people screaming at you about it 

-people acting like you’re against them and out to get them bc their coupon doesn’t work 

-creepy older coworker 

Reasons I’m disappointed: 


-Yeah that’s about it lmao 
Anyways, on the search for another cashier job somewhere else I guess lol 

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