“I can’t wait for you if all you need is time”

Well I did not make the cut for seasonal work at my job and I’m honestly pretty happy about it. It’s a scary place to work crabby old ladies fighting over ornaments and then screaming about their coupons being expired at you like you’re the responsible one. 

Reasons I’m happy I don’t work there anymore: 

-one of my coworkers thinks they have the right to act like manager of the cashiers when she is just a cashier too 

-old people saying they can’t hear me 

-old people whining about expired coupons 

-coupons not applying to stuff and then people screaming at you about it 

-people acting like you’re against them and out to get them bc their coupon doesn’t work 

-creepy older coworker 

Reasons I’m disappointed: 


-Yeah that’s about it lmao 
Anyways, on the search for another cashier job somewhere else I guess lol