It amazes me that someone is this obsessive and has no life. That they feel the need to drag drama on for months it’s now January it happened in November chill out man. All I can say is karma is a bitch it must truly suck to stab someone in the back and then get stabbed in the back 🙂 must really blow. 

You spent your time spreading rumors about me being a slut only to get stabbed in the back yourself. No one even believed you in the first place smh. And now I don’t know the exact details but you got hurt. I would’ve normally been sympathetic but not after all that you have done. 

Readers you see the thing is in the end eventually all the shit you do will catch up to you so try to be a decent human being. Although at the same time even if you are a good person bullshit still happens to you so I guess that’s a standstill. All you really have in this world is yourself and your own motivation nobody is going to live your life for you and thus you have to keep moving forward for yourself and carving your own pathway in this messed up miserable world. People are gonna be out to get you and no matter how hard you try not everybody is going to like you but honestly fuck them. Surround yourself with people who are genuine and kind who will be there for you always. If you feel like someone is fake trust your gut instinct it is usually right. 

It’s up to you to change a nasty habit, it’s up to you to sober up, it’s up to you to get the help that you neeed, it’s up to you to just stop and breathe. It’s all you and so in a way you are the real MVP.

Cheers to you 🍻